SIG Quaternary Prevention & Overmedicalisation annual report

In October 2016, WONCA World Council approved the creation of the Special Interest Group on Quaternary Prevention and Overmedicalization. Miguel Pizzanelli of Uruguay is the convenor.

Our Biennium Plan 2017-2018 was submitted on February 2017. Therefore, this report refers to a short period and we are working towards these objectives.

Objectives and Achievements summary

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Objective 1 - Leadership and Team Building level

Objective: To establish a SIG Executive Team representative of all WONCA Regions and install regional working groups.

a) Each WONCA Region must designate two regional leaders.
b) Create a regional group. (Each group would adapt activities to regional resources and priorities)

Objective 2 / Collaborative Network level

Objective: To create a Quaternary Prevention and Overmedicalization International Network.

To identify strategic thematic areas and leaders or institutions to provide knowledge, abilities and tools to strengthen the network. Possible areas: Overmedicalization, Critical reading and appraisals of medical literature, EBM, Ethics, ICTs, Community comprehension of overmedicalization risks, Public policies, Quaternary Prevention conceptual framework, knowledge.

Objective 3 / Communication Level

Objective: To initiate communication resources Goals:

- Collaborative Database on Quaternary Prevention Resources and References has been created and it is being populated.

- A Tutorial document has been published:
Pizzanelli M, Lavalle R, Jamoulle M. Quaternary prevention library and resources (QP library). 2017 Apr 10 [cited 2017 Apr 22]; Available from:

- The SIG International Forum was created. Iberoamericana Region has very active forums from many years ago.

- Quaternary Prevention web blog (building process): Multilingual; SIG has a WONCA web page; Facebook Quaternary Prevention pages - Spanish,   Portuguese,   Twitter

Objective 4 / Exchange Level

Objective: To disseminate Quaternary Prevention and Overmedicalization concepts in scientific activities, publications, teaching, and promote its application to medical practice.
Disseminate the Quaternary Prevention concept and the ways to apply to health professionals and to the community in order to expand the perspective from general practitioners to the society.

: Quaternary Prevention and Overmedicalization SIG is supporting many activities from December 2016.

1/ Marc Jamoulle´s participation – speaker - in I European Forum on Prevention and Primary Care. Quaternary prevention – the art of “primum non nocere”. Porto, 2017 April 3- 4

2/ WONCA 2017 Iberoamerican Conference (Lima August 2017). Several activities were proposed to the Conference Scientific committee.

3/ Applying Quaternary Prevention. Webinar and course organized in Argentina by FAMFyG and Quaternary Prevention Group in Argentina and Quaternary Prevention leaders from Iberoamerica and Europe.

4/ Italian Network of Scientific Associations Affiliated with WONCA. “Preventing over-medicalization by listening and sharing - Overmedicalization and quaternary prevention” organized by that will be held in Lecce – Italy - from 28-30 September 2017.

5/ Tunisian National Congress of General and Family Medicine, which asked support to Prevention activity, that will be held in Monastir from 3- 5 of November 2017.

6/ Institutional document of position of the Uruguayan Society of family and community medicine on conflict of interest. Guide to good practice; Financing in scientific activities and research projects and conflict of interest. Available in Spanish 

Miguel Pizzanelli MD, MSc.
SIG Convenor of WONCA Quaternary Prevention & Overmedicalization
[email protected]

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