South Asian Primary Care Research Network report

Dr Rukhsana Ansari receiving shield from Professor M Asalm along with Dr Noor Ahmad, Dr Tariq Aziz and Dr Usman Jawad

Research Methodology Workshop for Primary Care Physicians

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The research methodology workshop was organized by South Asian Primary Care Research Network (SAPCRN) and Department of Family Medicine University of Health Sciences Lahore on February 20-21, 2014 at University of Health Sciences Punjab Lahore Pakistan. This event was supported by Vice Chancellor University of Health Sciences Lahore Pakistan, all family medicine associations of Pakistan, Pakistan Medical Association and Department of Family Medicine Agha Khan University Karachi under kind supervision and support from Professor Waris Qidwai Chair WONCA Working Party on Research.

The theme of the conference was Promoting Primary Care Research through Family Doctors.

This event comprised a two days’ fulltime, hands-on workshop covering all important topics of research methodology; along with research proposal discussion before the panel of experts and speakers.

The opening ceremony started on Thursday 20 February 2014. After recitation of Holy Quran, the welcome address was from Dr Basharat Ali, chairperson of SAPCRN, who introduced the program of workshop and the facilitators. He also discussed the importance of research in family care in South Asia and Pakistan.

Research issues in Primary Care in Pakistan and South Asia and role of organizations in this regard was discussed by Dr Noor Ahmad, Dr Tariq Aziz, Dr Tariq Mian, Dr Shahid Shahab, Dr Sajida Naseem and Dr Asad Zaheer representing different organizations and universities. Dr Shahid Shahab discussed about, Need of Research in Primary Care. Then Dr Basharat Ali gave talk about Introduction to Research, Research types and Epidemiological Study Designs (Cross sectional, Case Control, Cohort, RCT). Dr Sajida Naseem presented how to deal with Sampling & calculate the Sample Size. Introduction to Biostatistics Type of Data was presented by Dr Usman Jawad. At the end of the first day session, Dr Nasir Mahmood discussed the Molecular Tools in research.

The 2nd day morning started with Dr Sajida presentation about, Introduction to Research & Formulating a Research Question. Dr Basharat Ali conducted online hand on workshop on Literature Search & Referencing workshop after which Dr Tariq Aziz presented Reference Writing. Dr Tabinda Ahfaq and Dr Sajida Naseem presented, Descriptive & Inferential Data Analysis using SPSS version 19.0 and Working with SPSS in regard Variables & Data Entry. Research ethical issues were discussed by Dr Rukhsana Ansari and Manuscript writing by Dr Noor Ahmad. After reflection and feedback from the audience research proposals were discussed and in the end certificates and shields were presented to faculty and participants by Professor Dr General Muhammad Aslam V/C University of Health Sciences Lahore.

Dr Basharat Ali
Regional Member WONCA Working Party on Research
Ass. Professor (Adj) University of Health Sciences Lahore