Spanish Society creates new social network profiles


The Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine (semFYC) streamlines its digital channels and create new profiles on social networks

Now you can follow semfyc_int on Twitter

semFYC launched a new digital strategy to redesign the form and substance of its digital channels. One of the first changes is now on Facebook, where patient information will be disseminated to be a source for questions of citizens and answers from experts and working groups of this scientific society.

semFYC is also making changes on its Twitter profiles. Now is available one international profile on Twitter and soon, one of member service. You can now follow semfyc_int, a new channel aimed at the international community of specialists in Family and Community Medicine. The member service profile, “semFYC responds”, is coming soon and will be dedicated to answer to the concerns of its nearly 20,000 members and partners.

In a third phase semFYC could enter into new social networks or digital channels. All this with the aim of adapting the organisation to changing times and reach specialists in Family and Community Medicine from all around the world, and so continue its task of information, support and defence of the professionals and the Family Medicine specialty.