Towards the 2023 UN High-level meeting

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The upcoming 2023 UN High-level meeting (UN HLM) on universal health coverage (UHC), scheduled for September, presents a significant platform for countries and stakeholders to revitalize their efforts in achieving health for all. This event offers a prime opportunity to reignite momentum and advance the global agenda of delivering comprehensive healthcare to everyone.

To ensure effective implementation and accountability, it is crucial to establish an outcome that is action-oriented, emphasizing the development of resilient and equitable health systems, with primary healthcare serving as a fundamental pillar.

With the theme of "Universal Health Coverage: expanding our ambition for health and well-being in a post-COVID world," the meeting aims to address the pressing challenges faced by countries worldwide in achieving comprehensive healthcare for all.

Discover more about the upcoming 2023 UN High-level meeting HERE. You can also engage, advocate and participate using their official Media toolkit.