MDD Minds 101 in Focus

December, 2023

As MDD Minds 101 resonates with the footsteps of over 650 participants and already more than 50 graduated, our global program takes a significant stride in mental health education. Designed for family doctors and primary care professionals, this online course has become a beacon, attracting participants from Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Sri-Lanka.

Expanding Horizons: The Portuguese Version Begins

In our commitment to fortifying mental health care, we're delighted to introduce the Portuguese version of MDD Minds 101. This expansion invites professionals to elevate their competencies and build confidence in managing mental health challenges.

A Global Initiative for a Common Goal

The MDD MINDS FOR PRIMARY CARE Program transcends being just an online course; it's a global initiative uplifting the quality of care for major depressive disorders. Family doctors in Africa-Middle East, Asia, and Latin America stand at the forefront, actively participating and championing the transformation of mental health care.

Empowering Insights: MDD Minds Online Hub

To provide valuable insights, we've unveiled the MDD Minds online hub at This virtual space serves as a comprehensive resource, offering a deeper understanding of the program's mission, participant testimonials, and the latest updates.

Voices of Impact: Testimonials that Speak Volumes

Dr. O. Adeleke from Nigeria shares a heartening success story. Applying course principles, Dr. Adeleke guided a 4th-year medical student through anxiety and depression, fostering shared decision-making, psychoeducation, and cognitive-behavioural therapy. The student, once facing cognitive distortions, now stands on the path to recovery—a testament to the transformative power of MDD Minds.

Dr. A. Mohamed from Kenya shares with us “I have completed the course and now I am equipped with improved knowledge and tools to make a difference in MDD care.”

On the Horizon: Japanese and Spanish Versions Coming Soon

The MDD Minds journey continues with the imminent launch of Japanese and Spanish versions, furthering our commitment to making quality mental health education accessible globally.

Stay tuned for more updates as we pave the way for a future where mental health care knows no boundaries.

This project is funded by an unrestricted grant from Pfizer*.

*An unrestricted grant is a form of funding provided to an organization without specific limitations or conditions imposed on its use. This means there are no restrictive guidelines or specific requirements dictating how the money should be spent, nor any influence on the content or outcome of the program. In this case, WONCA Association has the freedom to implement the program according to its principles and maintaining its autonomy