Vasco da Gama Movement in Bratislava

The Vasco da Gama Movement (VdGM) for young doctors in Europe was prominent at the recent WONCA Europe conference. Dr Katarzyna Nessler, new chair of the Movement reports:

VdGM Preconference, June 2019 Bratislava

Over 140 young doctors enjoyed and actively participated in the preconference activities The day before the preconference, 12 young doctors had a great opportunity to do an exchange in Slovakian GP offices.

The theme of the preconference this year was General Practice: the Human Side of Medicine. We had workshops on various topics including Refugee Care, Transgender Care, Emergency Care, and Care for families affected by trauma. On the second day we had “Spotlight Workshops” with colleagues from the WONCA Europe Networks and the VdGM Special Interest Groups. In parallel to that, we had Council Meeting with 25 members representing their countries, and during which had a very exciting election. Congratulations to Sonia Tsukagoshi, from the UK, who is our new liaison to the WONCA Europe Board! We would like to thank Peter Lipovsky and the HOC team for organising such a great event!

WONCA Europe Conference, June 2019 Bratislava

Many young doctors followed our activities during main WONCA Europe Conference. We were hosting our traditional workshops for Exchanges, the Junior Researchers Award and the innovative Young Doctors Marketplace. The VdGM booth, as always, was the most happy and funny place in the WONCA village.

Photo:VdGM leading ladies at a workshop during the conference

We would like to say ‘thank you’ to Claire Marie Thomas, VdGM President 2016-2019 and Raluca Zoițanu, VdGM MALWEB 2015-2019. We thank you for your enormous work and great effort over the last few years, for many essential matters which have been improved thanks to both of you. It is comforting that Claire Marie Thomas will be VdGM Past President for the next year, providing us with her wisdom and experience for another year.

More from VdGM next month!

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