WFDD2023: Message from the WONCA SIG on Policy Advocacy

Dear WONCA colleagues,

On WFDD 2023, the WONCA Special Interest Group on Policy Advocacy wants to wish all our colleagues many thanks for all your hard work. Our SIG focuses on how best to get the voice of family doctors heard where it is needed worldwide – and we want to start by saying the best way to make a positive impression is to do what you do every day! That is, to give the best care you can to all your patients, who will then be strong voices in our favour. But we know that often that thanks and praise only impacts locally – and that, to achieve the four pillars of effective care, things need to be changed, even if our patients think we have done a good job.

So on WFDD 2023, we want to remember that all family doctors need some people in their organisations who have learned the skills of advocacy, and are given the time and space to liaise with other stakeholders and their community partners - whether locally, regionally, or nationally. That is what our SIG is there to help WONCA members with – so please do join our webinars, have a look at the Portal, and also engage with other WONCA members in your country to make this happen. It may seem like extra effort on top of the day job – but effective advocacy can make our work more effective, more satisfying, and can also be empowering for those who participate in it.

Again, thanks to you all – and please keep in touch with the SIGPA activities – we want to help!

Prof. Amanda Howe - Chair | Past President, WONCA
Prof. Shabir Moosa - Chair | Member at Large, WONCA