WHO updates its Patient Safety website

In the largest overhaul to the website in over a decade, the new site provides an intuitive and informational user exp  erience, allowing experts and the public alike to explore resources and WHO initiatives concerning patient safety and risk management. The new website has been updated to be in line with the organisational vision, and will serve as an invaluable resource in moving forward the patient safety agenda globally.

It includes the most recent WHO initiatives and resources in patient safety, all of which are easily found through a clear and simple navigation system. A navigation pane on the left of the page allows for quick access to important content areas, ranging from policies and strategies to education and training to patient engagement. This page also includes a ‘Highlights’ section where recent key activities are outlined, providing easy access to information on the latest WHO global initiatives in patient safety.

Patient safety site
The ‘Publications’ page includes a library of all WHO patient safety publications all accessible from one page, separated into topic areas and chronological order.

Publications page
Topics page
Over the coming months, webpages in different WHO official languages are expected to be reviewed.