WICC news – ICPC-3 launch on December 15, 2020

The completely modernised International Classification for Primary Care (ICPC) wiil be launched on December 15 and be available without cost, online at www.icpc-3.info, and includes supporting information and training material.

Several reasons contributed to the development of the newest version of ICPC, the ICPC-3:
- General practitioners worldwide register diagnoses in their patient files using the ICPC-1 or ICPC-2. Both classifications are outdated and needed revision to keep up with the latest developments in Primary Health Care practice.
- New needs have arisen: the need to focus on regions and countries, the need to be able to code themes around prevention, the need to record the functioning of patients, and the need to be able to make a better distinction between symptoms and illnesses.
- New technological requirements to be able to compare and exchange information between systems, classifications and medical terminologies, a so-called “interoperability”.

The ICPC-3 meets all of these needs and requirements. The newest version ICPC-3 designed by the ICPC-3 Consortium in collaboration with the WONCA International Classification Committee (WICC) is now ready and made available on the ICPC-3 website, as of December 15th!

Learn about, use and participate in ICPC-3, the portal to all of Health Care!

For further information: [email protected]