WONCA Africa comes to Uganda in June 2019

Welcome message from Prof Shabir Moosa- WONCA Africe region president

Conference Theme: People Centered Primary Care

Dates: June 5-8, 2019

Kampala, Uganda


Abstract submission deadline: 31st December 2018

Early Bird registration ends: 31st December 2018

Are you interested in people-centred primary care and care about the plight of the people of Africa, as the truly committed family physician you are? Well, Uganda will be hosting the WONCA Africa Conference on 6-8th June 2019 in Kampala, Uganda with the theme “People-centred Primary Care”. We are very excited as it is the first WONCA Africa Conference to be held in East Africa and we want you to show solidarity with our colleagues in this part of Africa by being there.

Not only is this theme and conference an opportunity to focus our collective minds on a globally important topic, considering the strong policy shift to universal health coverage, but also a chance to strengthen WONCA networks and advocacy. A key message must be “every family deserves a family doctor-led team”. The programme will include leading lights in WONCA across the world, including the incoming WONCA World President and various experts in WONCA Working Parties who will share best practice from around the world.

It is also a chance for Africans to share the wonderful work being done by them in various countries of Africa. We urge you to register early for the conference and to submit abstracts of your work so that we all may benefit and celebrate the work you do, as an often-unappreciated family doctor in Africa. Urge your colleagues and key stakeholders in your space to also attend. This is a platform to show the world how African family doctors are making people-centred primary care happen, in small ways but cheaper and better than many imagine.

We also want you to make the most of your trip to East Africa. There are inexpensive tourist gems in Uganda, and across East Africa. We urge you to explore the internet for the many tourist destinations and options: from Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda and mountain gorillas in Rwanda. Please register early as the conference is limited in size to ensure that some serious work and relationships are built. It is going to be unforgettable. Share the announcement with all.

On behalf of the WONCA Africa Executive Committee and the Uganda Association of Family Physicians we wish you an early welcome. See you in Kampala 6-8th June 2019!