WONCA Africa news

Some useful news from WONCA Africa: 

WONCA is having its World Conference in Rio 2-6th Nov 2016 and you must be there. WONCA Africa will be having its Regional Council Meeting on the morning of Saturday 30th October so join if you can.

The South African Academy of Family Physicians (SAAFP) will be having its 19th Annual Conference in Cape Town 12-14th August 2016. Keep tabs on this link as the SAAFP will be hosting WONCA Africa's next Regional Conference in Pretoria, South Africa on 17-20th August 2017 - book the dates!

Don't forget to look at the African Journal of Primary Health Care and Family Medicine!

Do you mind having a look at a draft of the South African Community Acquired Pneumonia Guidelines and follow instructions to give comment to me at [email protected]

Have a look at the brochure for Stellenbosch University's Post Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine, a new concept in South Africa. There are other universities also doing this so enquire at your nearest Family Medicine Department.

Shabir Moosa
on behalf of the WONCA Africa Executive Committee
[email protected]