WONCA Asia Pacific conference prizes.

Photo: Dr Nagammai T, of Malaysia, receives the Rajakumar prize for best oral presentation from Prof Datuk Daniel Thuraiappah, President of the Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia

At the recent WONCA Asia Pacific conference in Kuching prizes were presented for research, oral presentations and posters. Winners are announced below.

Research Championship winner

Pre-conference, WONCA Asia-Pacific Conference 2014, 21 May 2014, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Nur Amani Natasha AT, Khasnur AM, Ilham AI. Why unassisted home birth? Perspectives of Malaysian women. [presenters from Malaysia]
Prize: USD800 and a book

Research prize winners WONCA Asia-Pacific Conference 2014

May 22-24, 2014, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Oral presentation prizes:

Rajakumar Award:
1. Nagammai T, Lai PSM, Mohazmi M. Validation of the Malay version of the quality of life questionnaire of the European Foundation for Osteoporosis (QUALEFFO-41) in Malaysia. [presenters from Malaysia]
Prize: USD1000 and a book

First Runner Up
2. Rafiq M, Rafiq A, Liu L, Flather E. Going up in smoke: The rising prevalence of smoking in Indonesia – socioeconomic factors associated with smoking and development of culture-specific smoking cessation interventions. [Presenters from United Kingdom]
Prize: USD500 and a book

Second Runner Up
3. Azizah MY, Zhang QYi, Ng LP, et al. Factors influencing decision making in weaning diet: Asian mothers’ perspectives. [Presenters from Singapore]
Prize: USD300 and a book

Poster prizes

Inoue M. Characteristics of Japanese physicians on remote islands – What affects their willingness to stay? [Presenters from Japan]

Tong WT, Shireene V, Ng CJ. Why do patients with type 2 diabetes have poor glycaemic control despite using insulin? A qualitative exploration of dietary influences. [Presenters from Malaysia]

Liew SM, Lee PY, Abdullah N, et al. Barriers to adherence of Malaysian clinical practice guidelines on management of hypertension. [Presenters from Malaysia]

Prize: USD200 and a book for each winner -The book that winner gets is:
Teng CL, Khoo EM, Ng CJ (editors). Family Medicine, Healthcare & Society: Essays By Dr MK Rajakumar. Kuala Lumpur: Academy of Family Physicians of Malaysia, 2008.