WONCA East Mediterranean update

WONCA's East Mediterranean region  has new leaders:

President: Dr Mohammed Tarawneh, Jordan. Read more about Dr Tarawneh

Immediate Past President: Prof Nabil Kurashi, Saudi Arabia

Honorary Treasurer: Dr Oraib Al Smadi, Jordan

Honorary Secretary: Prof Abdelmunim Aldabbagh, Iraq

Other officers
• Prof Taghreed Farahat, Egypt
• Dr Omar Al Jabri, UAE
• Dr Mohammad Alshafee, Oman
• Dr Mona Osma, Lebanon
• Dr Amira Stephanou, Syria
• Dr Shaher Alshehri, Saudi Arabia
• Dr Hassan H B Al-Kazzaz, Iraq

Recent meetings include:

1. EMR meeting in Prague

2. the meeting of WONCA EMR executives (Dr Tarawneh and Dr Alsmadi) with the scientific committee of Arab Board for specialities, family and community specialty leaded by Prof Faisal Al Nasir, which is composed of 30 academic representatives most of Arab countries, where we discuss the ways of coordination in order to improve the specialty of family medicine in our region

3.Informal meeting of the WONCA EMR Executive with member organizations of societies of family of medicine from Egypt, Oman, Bahrain and Jordan, (photo)