WONCA Europe 2016 report - keynotes online

Dear WONCA Europe Conference participants,

Did you realise that we all just had a fantastic conference in Copenhagen? That is what we hear.

We hope that you all had enjoyable stays in Denmark and Copenhagen – and hopefully many of you got the opportunity to travel to some of the other Nordic countries as well.

We want to thank you for the brilliant contributions you all made. Whether it was scientific, clinical or as an interested clinician, everyone made the WONCA Europe Conference 2016 a memorable conference.

Many of you have also contributed through the evaluation questionnaire, and we have received more than 400 very useful comments, which will be forwarded to the organisers of the two coming WONCA Europe conferences. Below just a few figures (scores from 1-5 with 5 as highest score);

• Relevance of the keynote sessions: 4.48
• Relevance of the non-keynote sessions: 4.02
• Overall organisation of the conference: 4.47

On our website you will find small videos with testimonials from each keynote speaker, videos of each keynote presentation as well as the PowerPoint slides from all keynotes speakers.

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WONCA Europe Conference 2016 with the theme "Family Doctors with heads and hearts” and WONCA Europe have made a joint statement: "The Copenhagen Legacy Document" encapsulating some of the achievements of the conference.

See legacy document
See WONCA Editor, Karen Flegg, report on a practice visit

Now we look forward to meet many of you in Prague in 2017

Please also remember that the Nordic Congress for General Practice in 2017 is held in Iceland.

We thank you all again.

Peter Vedsted
President of Scientific Committee

Roar Maagaard
GP & Associate Professor
President of Host Organising Committee