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Europe is experiencing a humanitarian tragedy. Thousands of refugees and migrants are trying to escape war, fear and a ruined future. They have scars on soul and body and they need good family medicine. At the same time, European countries have fragile or socially deprived groups of citizens that are in high need for basic and comprehensive care by family doctors. Even more, some health care systems are in such a shortage of resources and funding that it threatens the delivery of fundamental health care for children and elderly people.

The European general practitioners/family doctors all have a huge responsibility to support and be available for people in receiving basic medical care. Nobody else than these generalists know how to provide bio-psycho-social and high medical quality to the groups in most need.Still, how can we do that? How do we fill in appropriately and accountably this role as European family doctors?

Visit us in Copenhagen 15 - 18 June 2016

The WONCA Europe 2016 Conference in Copenhagen is proud to be able to enlighten this area with keynotes by Bernadette Kumar and Katherine Rouleau. We want to focus on the possible risk of increasing inequality in health and access to health care in Europe.
In addition, the WONCA Europe 2016 Conference welcomes abstracts for sessions that have this specific topic about inequality in health and specific patient groups’ need for family medicine.

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The conference in Copenhagen 15-18 June 2016 will integrate the networks and special interest groups (SIGs) into the program, and we expect that many SIGs and networks are interested in playing a significant role in providing a valuable content.
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Peter Vedsted
President of Scientific Committee

Roar Maagaard - read more about Roar here
GP & Associate Professor
President of Host Organising Committee