WONCA Guidebook launched


The WONCA Guidebook The Contribution of Family Medicine to Improving Health Systems: A guidebook from the World Organization of Family Doctors, Second Edition  was launched yesterday by Dr Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organization. Dr Chan was speaking at the opening ceremony of the WONCA World conference in Prague.

                                                                                   Photo of Dr Chan with the guidebook in Prague

The much anticipated second edition of this guidebook reveals ways in which family medicine can help countries throughout the world maintain and improve health and well-being by developing a more productive, coordinated and cost-effective approach to health care.

It describes:
• the rationale for structuring health systems to be more responsive to the needs of people;
• a vision of optimal health services delivery based on primary health care;
• challenges to achieving this vision;
• family medicine's response to these challenges;
• strategies for developing and strengthening family practice within countries.

The approaches described are consistent with each country’s specific health care needs, resources, and cultural expectations.

It provides practical, inspirational reading for healthcare managers, policy makers and shapers, and public health academics and professionals who will benefit greatly from implementing the flexible, local level options presented.

  Download Executive Summary
  Download Chapter 1: Meeting People's Health Needs


The Contribution of Family Medicine to Improving Health Systems: A guidebook from the World Organization of Family Doctors, Second Edition
ISBN: 9781846195549
Published: June 2013
Editor: Michael Kidd
Michael Kidd signs a guidebook for Dr Al Suwaidi from the UAE.

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Available for purchase from Radcliffe Health