WONCA SIG on complexity news

Over the last two years the WONCA SIG on complexity has conducted several introductory and advanced workshops at various WONCA meetings. These workshops have attracted many interested people from around the globe, spreading the ideas for thinking and acting in an interconnected way at practice and community levels.

At the forthcoming WONCA Europe conference in Lisbon we will continue with these approaches conducting a workshop entitled “Multimorbidity – a systems approach” (July, 4 - 09:00 - 10:30).

Following the workshop we invite interested people to attend a short group meeting to explore “the way forward”.

Other activities happen more quietly in the background, in particular networking with many other groups interested in systems and complexity sciences in the health professions, the latest at the Geneva Health Forum in April.

Members of the WONCA SIG on complexity are members of the organising committee for the 1st International Conference on Systems and Complexity in Health which will be held at Georgetown University in Washington in November 2014.

Joachim P Sturmberg