WONCA South Asia to meet in Colombo 2016

Prof Antoinette Perera, President of the College of General Practitioners of Sri Lanka is interviewed by the WONCA Editor about her hopes for the conference. Antoinette is also a WONCA Featured doctor this month. To find out more about Antoinette click here.

Needless to say, we are planning a memorable event.

My hopes are to do it in a grand style so that everyone will appreciate the abilities of our members and also develop skills of good family practice for those in primary care.

We have booked the main international conference hall in Colombo, as it can accommodate many participants. My dream is to get 500 participants, so I hope there will be good participation. I have the support of the former WONCA SAR President Dr Preethi Wijegoonewardene, who is leading the Organising committee.

I also hope to get those doctors working in isolation in the remote areas in our country to attend and develop skills of good family practice as well as make connections with the CGPSL. To this end I have written a proposal to the Ministry of Health asking for funds to support these doctors to attend the conference.

I also hope to entertain foreign guests in the Sri Lankan style and introduce a little of Sri Lankan culture and hospitality for foreign participants to enjoy. I hope that many members from the South Asian Region, as well as from all over the world will attend and also see the beautiful spots in the country. We have a reputable travel company to give us good packages and a vibrant social committee to attend to these affairs.

I sincerely hope we network and make strong connections with the others from SAR and all over the world so that the younger ones coming into the field of family medicine will benefit and carry out the work we have begun. I also hope to convince the policy makers whom I will invite to the conference, the necessity of improving the primary care curative services to all people of Sri Lanka specially for the poor in our country.

Antoinette Perera’s welcome to the conference

Welcome to the WONCASAR 2016 in Sri Lanka from February 12-14 (with preconferences 11-12).

The theme of the conference is “Reaching across the shores to strengthen primary care“. This conference is an effort to bring together the different stake holders locally and from abroad to promote patient centered approach in caring for patients and seek new practical ways for universal coverage of health care through a strong primary care based system of health services. We aim to provide a platform to exchange ideas and success stories from both the East and the West and to motivate introduction of family practice in South Asia. So let us join in February 2016 to promote better patient care for our people.

Sri Lanka also has much to offer with its scenic beauty ,its superrich wild life and being a small island could be toured in a very short time. I am sure it would be a memorable stay for those of you from abroad.

Welcome from Dr Preethi Wijegoonawardene, Chairperson – HOC

It is my great pleasure to announce the WONCA – SAR Regional Conference 2016 in Colombo from 12th – 14th February 2016.

As you all are aware, the WONCA South Asian regional members have worked hard to ensure that the Family Physicians are a strong force to reckon with, as a “Pivot” on a Primary Health Care team in each of our countries, and to this end our theme for the Conference is APT and it is the duty of all family Physicians in the South Asian Countries, and all other regions of WONCA-World to join us to fortify our mission to enhance the quality of the delivery of Primary Care by Family Physicians. A Scientific Programme addressing the current needs of the Primary Care Family Doctors is being meticulously planned.
An additional social programme, where you will experience the wonderful hospitality of the smiling Sri Lankan people and the exotic Holiday Resorts in this beautiful country will be provided to you for a special package.

I wish you will spread this message to and all to make this event in February 2016 in Colombo “A One Of A Kind”.

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