WONCA Statement on Israeli and Palestinian crisis

October, 2023

WONCA Statement on Israeli and Palestinian Crisis

WONCA shares in the world’s dismay at the destruction and loss of life and liberty of innocent civilians in the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. In the wake of such devastation recently arriving at the doorstep of a critical health facility where persons go to seek aid for illness and injury, we call for the utmost consideration and protection of any and all health care workers, including family doctors, working in areas of conflict, and hope for peaceful resolution soon.

World Organization of Family Doctors
October 2023

WONCA Young Doctors' Movements Statement

The young family doctors of WONCA stand in solidarity with our colleagues in the Middle East who are serving their communities continuously during this conflict.
We are deeply concerned about the safety of healthcare teams, including family doctors. Having already lost at least one young family doctor at work, we call for immediate attention to the safety of healthcare workers and health facilities.

We profoundly mourn those colleagues who have already sacrificed their lives and offer our sincere condolences to their families and loved ones.
All our most sincere thoughts go out for peace and for the safety of our colleagues and their patients.

WONCA Young Doctors’ Movements (YDM)
October 2023