WONCA Working Party on Mental Health meet in Lille

Dear colleagues and friends,

From 28th-30th April, a conference took place in Lille, France, under the title “Mental Health for all: connecting people and sharing experience”.

Photo right shows conference speakers (l to r) Pierre Thomas, Juan Mendive, Jeffrey Geller

The WONCA Working Party on Mental Health (WWPMH) took advantage of the presence of WWPMH members for a meeting. Topics discussed at the meeting:
- Report from the secretariat.
- Activities to present in Wonca Europe Conference in Istanbul and other continental conferences.
- Primary Care Mental Health consultancy project and study some offers (Contact Person Professor Christopher Dowrick, [email protected])
- WWPMH activities proposed for WONCA World Conference in Río de Janeiro (Brasil) in November 2016.
- Possible WONCA/WPA/WFMH Conference in Andalusia in 2017
- Primary Care and homelessness as possible topic to develop
- Small meetings organised by WWPMH to develop PCMH policy in the next future.
- Presentation of the final report of ROAMER project (elaboration of a map of research for mental health in Europe)

The last point of the meeting was about the WWPMH structure. It was agreed to have three levels of participation in our working party:
a) Executive: Formed by the Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
b) Steering Committee: Form by all the identified active members of the WWPMH
c) Other members of WWPMH: To recognise members those have collaborated or can play a role at any specific moment.

The WONCA Working Party on Mental Health (WWPMH) and other WONCA members participated in all scientific activities of the conference. The participation of WONCA in the Lille conference was enormous, due to the presence of Job Metsemakers, Pres¬ident WONCA Europe; Igor Svab, Past President of WONCA Europe; and members of the WONCA Working Party on Mental Health (WWPMH), starting with Gabby Ivbijaro, Henk Parmentier, Abdullah Al-Khatami, Christopher Dowrick, Sandra Fortes, Lucja Kolkiewicz, Juan Mendive, Jill Benson, Christos Lionis, Ioanna Tsiligianni and other members of our scientific organization.

Photo: (l to r) Nabil al Kurashi, Luis Galvez, Jill Benson, Henk Parmentier, Abdullah Al-Khatami

We would like to invite to colleagues from all over the world to participate and collaborate with the working party. There is no need to travel, we can work using new technologies, from our house or working place. We wait for you!

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Luis Gálvez-Alcaraz, MD, PhD.
[email protected]