YDM Newsletter: Waynakay (Sep 2023 - Mar 2024)

Activities Report

Activities for the period

Waynakay Movement Panamá was present during the activities for the Seminar for medical students in November 2023 and the UP-Medicine Student Congress 2023.

Last year the Waynakay Movement Argentina collaborated in the planning for the National Residents Gathering carried out by Family Medicine residents from the province of Misiones. One of the members participated in Sydney 2023, for the WONCA rising star award.

Waynakay Movement Peru participated recently in a medical brigade was provided in a solidarity medical campaign for the Holidays Christmas with the support of the social actors of the population of San Jerónimo – Huancayo – Junín. Our members participated in the presentation of research posters during the International Congress of Family Medicine Dominican Republic.

Some of the latest activities for Waynakay Movement Ecuador include Virtual Library Update - Resource under the academic commission, updating an Academic Blog, along with the presence of international meetings with the Waynakay Movement Research Group in order to actively participate in research processes with our specialty peers.

These last months Ameyali Waynakay México has continued with the monthly sessions, focused on the first level of care, with the participation of family doctors and other specialists. 7 new members have been included in our workforce, thanks to the efforts of the recruitment commission; a great alliance with the Mexican Association of General Medicine and Familiar A.C., has been made. And we will be aiding the organization for the National Family Medicine Symposium for 2024 and 2025.


Movimiento Waynakay Panamá

After Movimiento Waynakay Panamá

Ameyali Waynakay México

Credits to:

  • Dr. Mayra Vergara/ Dr. Yeritza Rosillo (Panamá)
  • Dr. Julieta Bitler, Dr. Eros Angeletti (Argentina)
  • Dr. Nailin Melany Inga Mayta (Perú)
  • Dr. Patricio Espinosa Jaramillo (Ecuador)
  • Dr. Nallely Guerra (México)