YDM Newsletter: AfriWon Renaissance (Feb - Aug 2023)

This report outlines the significant achievements and activities of AfriWon Renaissance, a branch of WONCA Africa focused on young family physicians in Africa. The organization has been dedicated to advancing research skills and promoting education in family medicine throughout 2023.

Research Collaborative:

This program, designed to enhance the research capabilities of young doctors in primary care, successfully completed its third cycle in August 2023. It engaged 22 participants from various African countries. These doctors received comprehensive support, including online modules on research methods and an eBook titled "How to do Primary Care Research." The program operates under the education subgroup of WONCA Africa, PRIMAFAMED.

Education and Training:

Dedicated to advancing education in family medicine, AfriWon ETG organized monthly virtual meetings throughout 2023. These sessions covered topics such as Clinical Audit, Scientific Writing, Teaching Methods, and Assessment Techniques in Medical Education. Additionally, monthly CPD sessions were conducted, featuring MCQs in Family Medicine, contributing significantly to the professional development of members.

Research Theme Group

Led by Drs Tijani Oseni, Patrick Ntontolo and John Sonny Kumbert, the AfriWon Research Theme Group actively engaged young doctors in various research-related activities. These included monthly research meetings, an online mentorship program called Small Online Group for Effective Research (SOGER), and the establishment of a network of young family physicians across Africa to enhance research collaboration and knowledge exchange.


[August 13, 2023]
In collaboration with Rural Seeds, AfriWon organized a highly successful webinar on the theme: "The Role of Young Family Doctors in Addressing Rural Health Challenges", that attracted young family doctors and general practitioners from all continents. The primary goal was to facilitate meaningful discussions on the crucial role young doctors play in addressing health challenges in rural communities. Distinguished speakers shared valuable insights, best practices, and success stories in the field. The session fostered dynamic discussions on healthcare access, community engagement, telemedicine, and collaborative healthcare delivery in rural settings.

Attendees were presented with compelling case studies showcasing innovative interventions. The event concluded with a Q&A session, allowing for further insights and experiences to be shared.

As a follow-up to the webinar's success, AFRIWON and Rural Seeds are actively working to establish a collaborative platform for ongoing discussions, resource sharing, and joint projects aimed at enhancing healthcare in rural communities.

Rising Star Doctor Award

Dr Mercy Wanjala has been selected as the recipient of the Rising Star Doctor Award due to her outstanding achievements, unwavering commitment to advancing family medicine, and significant contributions to healthcare in Kenya. Her exceptional skills, compassionate patient care, and innovative research efforts position her as a potential influencer in the medical community.
The Rising Star Doctor Award Committee enthusiastically nominates Dr Mercy Wanjala for this prestigious honour, as her dedication and accomplishments exemplify the qualities this award aims to recognize and promote.
AfriWon extends its gratitude to all nominees for their dedication to the medical field and their contributions to improving the health and well-being of individuals in Africa.

AfriWon Renaissance's activities in 2023 have been characterized by growth, collaboration, and a steadfast commitment to excellence in family medicine. We continue to play a pivotal role in empowering young doctors in Africa through research mentorship and educational initiatives.