YDM Newsletter: Al Razi (Feb - Aug 2023)

1. Al Razi Members and Executive Group, WONCA EMR Executive Group, and YDM Lead Committee:

Al Razi Council: New Members (Since Feb 2023): Haneen Taher (Jordan) extends heartfelt gratitude to Dana Al-Daghlise for representing Jordan for the previous term. Previous Members: Anas Almohtaseb (Chair, Jordan), Adel Yasky (Secretary, Saudi Arabia), Nouf Alnoon (Treasurer, UAE), Beesan Maraqa (Palestine, Executive member), Gehad Fareed (Egypt, Executive member), Adnane Alaoui Ismaili (Morocco), Marwa Alraisi (Oman), Omar Alshammari (Kuwait), Yousef Rizq (Lebanon). Other Membership: 1. E-Health WP: Adel Yaski, 2. ASPIRE Group: Beesan Maraqa. 3. FM360: Tareq Alsioury (Palestine). 4. Treasurer of YDM Lead: Reina Alameddine (Lebanon) Al Razi Meetings: Three meetings from March to Aug 2022.

WONCA EMR: Anas attended all meetings of the executive group of WONCA EMR. Being a member of the Nomination and Award Committee, Anas participated in the nomination of Five Star Doctor Award and Montegut Scholar Award of WONCA EMR.

• YDM Lead: Anas & Reina attended most of YDM Leads meetings. Anas participated with a subgroup in reviewing the operational guidelines. Reina participated in writing YDM Global Fund SOP, suggesting recommendations to support newly elected YDM representative. Beesan Maraqa was Al Razi Candidate for YDM Representative elections.

2. WONCA YDM - WP/SIG Collaborative Webinar:
•  Education (Jan 2023): conducted by Al Razi YDM & WP on Education in Jan 2023. Organized and moderated by Gehad with support of Adel. Maram Smairat (Jordan), participated as a speaker.
• Digital Health (Mar 2023): Adel participated as a speaker.
• Health Equity (May 2023): Haneen participated as a speaker.

3. WONCA Sydney Pre-Conference Workshop: Adel, Beesan and Nouf were nominated on behalf of Al Razi to participate in the formulated committee to prepare for the workshop. Beesan will present Al Razi and its achievements during the pre-conference workshop.

4. Rising Star Award: Haneen designed and posted the announcement, 11 applications received from Jordan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Syria. Marwa and Haneen independently assessed the applications and nominated the first two candidates. Both agreed that Beesan Maraqa was ranked first, accordingly, Anas and Adel announced that Beesan is the candidate of Al Razi for this award.

5. Celebrating some global events: (1) World Family Doctor’s Day: Adnane recorded video clip (on behalf of Al Razi YDM), that was grouped into YDM shared video celebrating WFDD 2023.

6. Al Razi Bylaw Revision: the designated taskforce (Beesan, Adel, and Marwa) submitted its amendments to the bylaw to Al Razi EG, waiting for final review and approval before submission for WONCA-EMR Council.

7. Participation in regional workshops: Beesan and Marwa participated in NCD Priorities in Children and Adolescents in the Eastern Mediterranean Region workshop, Muscat, Oman, in March 2023.

8. Preparation for Al Razi Council meeting and election of new Al Razi Chair and Executive Group: An announcement to be made in September for council meeting in October 2023, including the election of the new chair and members of the executive committee for the next term (2023 – 2025).

Extra Local Teams Activities: Oman: Marwa was elected as the Head of Media Committee of the Oman Family Medicine Society (OFMS) March 2023. Saudi Arabia: Haila Al Othman and Samiah Al Mihamdi suggested lifestyle medicine workshop during Sydney preconference. Egypt: conduction of several scientific activities and participation in medical campaigns in rural areas. Palestine: Monthly scientific day, in collaboration with PAFM and Palestinian MoH, and hiking activity for the team. Jordan: Awareness video and poster about fasting Ramadan for diabetic patients https://fb.watch/jsv63I33g2/ (2) Attending the Annual Scientific Day of the Jordan Society of Family Medicine in April 2023. (3). Celebrated WFDD by designing a poster. Morocco: 3 new members joined, increasing members from 11 to 14. Adnane, Hind El Kamch, and Farah Hadadi celebrated WFDD by presentation in the 13th National Congress of General Medicine, May 2023.