YDM Newsletter: Waynakay (Feb - Sep 2023)

The next pages gather together a compilation of the reports presented about Waynakay Movement activities during the last eight months.

Participating with active members of WONCA YDM in Mexico, as well as with resident doctors of Family Medicine of UMF 37 in NL, sharing and learning from great leaders of the specialty worldwide.

Waynakay is committed to patient education, making and sharing videos where the correct self-monitoring of glycemic levels is explained, as well as giving dietary recommendations.

In Mexico, the trimestral newsletter was carried out by the coordination of Editorial by Dr. Clara Gómez, where articles are reviewed, the experiences of Waynakay members in their professional practice are written and the projects to be carried out in the next trimester are reported.

Presentation about the Waynakay movement to the teaching department of the Family Medicine Residency Program of the Republic of Panama.

In Waynakay Peru, a position was held for the integration of members to the board of directors of the Sociedad Peruana de Medicina Familiar.

There have been multiple meetings and meetings with various countries of the movement, reinforcing the joint work with national associations.

In Waynakay Mexico has focused on continuing medical education, for which a course-workshop on the development of research protocols was created, in order to support residents in the development of their protocols, with asynchronous sessions and a weekly live session where a weekly summary was addressed and they cleared doubted, in addition to the use of a platform where progress of the protocols of each participant was monitored.

Recognition is made of the people who currently accredit their certification as medical specialists in Family Medicine.

Waynakay Mexico has worked with monthly academic sessions, where the speakers of the sessions are members of the Waynakay movement. With this we promote the early participation of the Young Doctor's.

Currently the Movement is participating in the accompaniment of the assembly of the National Day of Residents carried out by young residents of Family Medicine of the province of Misiones, site where the next congress of the Federation will be held in October 2023.

In Mexico, there was an approach with the Mexican Federation of Residents and Specialists in Family Medicine, where it was possible to organize a HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAM to carry out a research work with young medical specialists and residents of the country to form it and work it through virtually in order to achieve its publication.

As part of the alliance with the Mexican Federation for the second consecutive year there is a dedicated space within the pre-congress activities for our movement, for the development of our projects with congressional doctors. On this occasion the leader of Mexico Dr. Brando Cantu held an innovation workshop in family medicine and our national recruitment coordinator Dr. Luis Alfredo Cantor made the presentation and promotion of our association.

Since the beginning of 2023, periodic meetings have been held at the beginning monthly and since July fortnightly between the various working groups together with the coordination of the movement to review contents produced for publication and dissemination of scientific knowledge according to each group, to discuss / problematize on issues of each group and also about ways to develop dissemination and participation strategies that convene other young doctors in the Participation of activities.

Uruguay is organizing the Pre-Congress Day of the 11th Congress of Family and Community Medicine of Uruguay that will take place from September 6 to 9, as well as being part of the organizing committee of the same.

During these years described, ARPMEFYCU has members forming part of the SUMEFAC board, actively participating in meetings and assemblies and obtaining great support from it, during the course of the struggle and for the activities that the association proposes.

We have also participated in the meetings of the board of directors in various exchanges and planning of activities: webinars, youth meeting, Guatemala Summit, Young Doctors Preconference in Cali 2023.