Young Doctors' Movement newsletter December 2019

WONCA's Young Doctors' representative on World Executive, Ana Nunes Barata (Portugal), is coordinating regular news from our seven region Young Doctors' Movements.

A word from Ana Nunes Barata -
YDM representative on WONCA Executive 2018-2020

The Young Doctors’ Movements (YDMs) are WONCA’s active network that engages youth and promotes intercultural knowledge exchange that helps to create new ideas, projects and initiatives that contribute for the development of Primary Care at the global level. WONCA's young doctors are defined as in their first five years' of practice as a family doctor OR in training as a family doctor. Each WONCA region has its own YDM that strives to develop its network and engage with the young doctors from every country it represents. You may find more information about the YDMs here

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With apologies for omitting their news from the September newsletter, this month's featured Young Doctors' Movement is the Waynakay Movement from Latin America. Pictured below are their group from Paraguay.

Region News

Waynakay - Latin America


  Vasco da Gama Movement - Europe

  Polaris - North America

Spice Route - South Asia region

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