Young Sik Kim speaks about WONCA World conference 2018


Prof Young Sik Kim, who is this month’s featured doctor says a few words about the coming WONCA 2018 World conference.

Find out more about Prof Kim and family medicine in Korea in his featured doctor item.

How did Korea come to be chosen to host WONCA 2018?

At the 20th WONCA World Conference in Prague, while I was president of the Korean Academy of Family Medicine (KAFM), we won the bid to host the 22nd WONCA World Conference 2018, in Seoul.

So since 2014, I have been working as chairman of WONCA 2018 Seoul. I am planning to attend the 5th Cross-Straits General Practice Conference in Nanning, China at the end of March and the 9th annual conference of JPCA in Mie, Japan in June as a guest speaker.

Your hopes for the conference 2018?

I hope family physicians from all over the world attend and communicate through this global festival. As the theme “Primary Care in the Future: Professional Excellence" illustrates, I hope this conference becomes a basis to improve the professional excellence of primary physicians to cope with an aging society, global epidemics, and health promotion in the future.

I don't think that Korean family medicine is well recognized internationally, so I hope the WONCA World Conference raises the status of Korean Family Medicine. In this WONCA conference, the first young doctors’ festival will be officially held after the preconference. I hope this social gathering for young doctors continues in the 23rd WONCA World Conference.

The latest news from WONCA 2018

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