Accuracy of bilirubin nomogram for newborns with ABO incompatibility

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Accuracy of bilirubin nomogram for newborns with ABO incompatibility

These US authors sought to determine the usefulness of the hour- specific Bhutani et al bilirubin nomogram when applied to infants with Coombs- positive test results in a retrospective chart review. The identified the proportion of infants with Coombs-positive results from the nomogram zones who required phototherapy and compared the percentage of infants with Coombs- positive results in each zone with the percentage of those with Coombs- negative results in each zone.

They found: "A total of 240 infants with Coombs-positive and 460 with Coombs-negative results having a gestational age of 35 weeks or older were evaluated. Sensitivity and specificity of data for infants with direct Coombs- positive results in zone 4 (high risk; 74.2% and 97.1%) and those for infants in zones 3 (high-intermediate risk) and 4 combined (96.7% and 83.7%) compared favorably with the data from the Bhutani et al cohort, which had direct Coombs- negative results (54.0% and 96.2% for zone 4; 90.5% and 84.7% for zones 3 and 4 combined). The likelihood ratio for infants with direct Coombs-positive results in zone 4, 25.8, was twice that of the Bhutani et al cohort, 14.1. The nomogram performed well in directing the timing of bilirubin level follow-up. All infants in zones 3 and 4 with Coombs-positive results were followed up after hospital discharge. None required an exchange transfusion or developed bilirubin encephalopathy."

The authors concluded: "The Bhutani et al bilirubin nomogram reliably identified infants at gestational age of older than 35 weeks with direct Coombs-positive results who were at risk for significant hyperbilirubinemia and directed the timing of follow-up for these infants. This finding has direct clinical applicability to the health care professional practicing in the newborn nursery."

A useful tool to know about if you care for newborns.

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Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 164(12):1158-1164, December 2010
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Hour-Specific Bilirubin Nomogram in Infants With ABO Incompatibility and Direct Coombs-Positive Results. David L. Schutzman, Romal Sekhon, Shilpa Hundalani. Correspondence to Dr. Schutzman: [email protected]

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