Autonomic and peripheral neuropathies in late stage CKD

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Autonomic and peripheral neuropathies in late stage CKD

These Taiwanese authors investigated the skin innervation and its clinical significance in late-stage chronic kidney disease (CKD) in a case series including 40 consecutive nondiabetic patients with late-stage CKD (14 female and 26 male; mean age, 60.7 years), including 2 cases with stage 3 CKD, 6 with stage 4 CKD, and 32 with stage 5 CKD, ie, end-stage kidney disease. Clinical evaluation of neurological deficits, nerve conduction study, autonomic function tests, and a 3-mm-diameter skin biopsy specimen taken from the distal leg.

They found: "Clinically, 21 patients (52.5%) were symptomatic with paresthesia over the limbs or autonomic symptoms. The intraepidermal nerve fiber (IENF) density was markedly reduced in patients with CKD compared with age- and sex-matched controls (mean, 2.8 vs 8.6 fibers/mm). Skin denervation was observed in 27 patients (67.5%). Fifteen patients (37.5%) had abnormalities on nerve conduction studies, and 29 patients (72.5%) had abnormal results on autonomic function tests. By analysis with multiple regression models, the IENF density was negatively correlated with the duration of renal disease. Additionally, the R-R interval variability at rest was linearly correlated with the IENF density and the absence of sympathetic skin responses at the soles was associated with reduced IENF density."

The authors concluded: "Small-fiber sensory and autonomic neuropathies constitute the major form of neuropathy in late-stage CKD. Furthermore, skin denervation was associated with the duration of renal disease."

This study documents the association of neuropathies with CKD, a part of the natural history of this disease.

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Arch Neurol 68(2):200-206, February 2011
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Skin Denervation and Its Clinical Significance in Late-Stage Chronic Kidney Disease. Chi-Chao Chao, Vin-Cent Wu, Chun-Hsiang Tan, et al. Correspondence to Dr. S Hsieh: [email protected]

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