Combined therapy leads to more remission of depression

January 01, 0001

Combined therapy leads to more remission of depression

In this double-blind study, the authors form the US and Canada sought to produce evidence for the superiority of different combinations of antidepressant drugs from treatment initiation. Patients (N=105) meeting DSM- IV criteria for major depressive disorder were randomly assigned to receive, from treatment initiation, either fluoxetine monotherapy (20 mg/day) or mirtazapine (30 mg/day) in combination with fluoxetine (20 mg/day), venlafaxine (225 mg/day titrated in 14 days), or extended release bupropion (150 mg/day) for 6 weeks. The Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAM-D) was the principal measurement tool.

They found: "The overall dropout rate was 15%, without notable differences among the four groups. Compared with fluoxetine monotherapy, all three combination groups had significantly greater improvements on the HAM-D. Remission rates (defined as a HAM-D score of 7 or less) were 25% for fluoxetine, 52% for mirtazapine plus fluoxetine, 58% for mirtazapine plus venlafaxine, and 46% for mirtazapine plus bupropion. Among patients who had a marked response, double-blind discontinuation of one agent produced a relapse in about 40% of cases."

The authors concluded: "The combination treatments were as well tolerated as fluoxetine monotherapy and more clinically effective. The study results, which add to a growing body of evidence, suggest that use of antidepressant combinations from treatment initiation may double the likelihood of remission compared with use of a single medication."

A trade-off for higher remission rate was that the mirtazapine groups all had mean weight gains of 2-3 kg during the 6-week study while fluoxetine alone did not.

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Am J Psychiatry 167:281-288, March 2010
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Combination of Antidepressant Medications From Treatment Initiation for Major Depressive Disorder: A Double-Blind Randomized Study. Pierre Blier, Herbert E. Ward, Philippe Tremblay, Louise Laberge, Chantal Hébert, and Richard Bergeron.

Category: P. Psychological. Keywords: depression, monotherapy, combined therapy, fluoxetine, mirtazapine, venlafaxine, bupropion, Hamilton Depression Rating Scale, randomized controlled trial, journal watch.
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