Early obesity a predisposed risk factor for psoriatic arthritis

January 01, 0001

Early obesity a predisposed risk factor for psoriatic arthritis

The aim of this study was to study whether obesity increases the risk of psoriatic arthritis (PsA), given that obesity is a risk factor for psoriasis and is associated with more severe disease. In this case series of a volunteer sample of patients from Dermatology clinics at the University of Utah School of Medicine, investigators studied the relationship between obesity and PsA while controlling for age at psoriasis onset, current body mass index (BMI), sex, family history of psoriasis, worst- ever body surface area (BSA) involvement, Koebner phenomenon, and nail involvement (943 subjects; 50.2% women, 49.8% men).

They found that BMI at age 18 years was predictive of PsA (odds ratio, OR, 1.06) over and above control variables. Other variables that were predictors of PsA included younger age at psoriasis onset (OR, 0.98), female sex (OR, 1.45), higher worst- ever BSA involvement with psoriasis (OR, 1.01), Koebner phenomenon (OR, 1.59), and nail involvement (OR, 1.76) (all results significant). Current BMI and family history of psoriasis were not significant predictors of PsA.

The researchers concluded:  "This study suggests that obesity at age 18 years increases the risk of developing PsA. Adiposity is associated with higher levels of inflammatory cytokines known to be associated with psoriasis. This inflammatory milieu could increase the risk of PsA in predisposed subjects. Prevention and early treatment of obesity may decrease the risk of PsA."

Obesity as a risk factor for psoriasis and the sub- classification of psoriatic arthritis, said to be a genetic condition? Maybe a potential precipitant, given certain genes? Maybe the genetic basis needs to be reviewed?

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Arch Dermatol 146(7):721-726, July 2010
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Obesity in Early Adulthood as a Risk Factor for Psoriatic Arthritis. Razieh Soltani-Arabshahi, Bob Wong, Bing-Jian Feng et al.

Category: S. Skin, T. Endocrine/Metabolic/Nutritional. Keywords: obesity, risk, psoriatric arthritis, case series, journal watch.
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