Music-based exercise training intervention reduces fall risk in elderly

January 01, 0001

Music-based exercise training intervention reduces fall risk in elderly

These Swiss investigators sought to determine whether a music- based multitask exercise program improves gait and balance and reduces fall risk in elderly individuals. They conducted a 12-month randomized controlled trial involving 134 community-dwelling individuals older than 65 years at increased risk of falling. They were randomly assigned to an intervention group (n = 66) or a delayed intervention control group scheduled to start the program 6 months later (n = 68). The intervention was a 6-month multitask exercise program performed to the rhythm of piano music.

They found: "At 6 months, there was a reduction in stride length variability (adjusted mean difference, -1.4%) under dual-task condition in the intervention group, compared with the delayed intervention control group. Balance and functional tests improved compared with the control group. There were fewer falls in the intervention group (incidence rate ratio, 0.46) and a lower risk of falling (relative risk, 0.61). Similar changes occurred in the delayed intervention control group during the second 6-month period with intervention. The benefit of the intervention on gait variability persisted 6 months later."

The authors concluded: "In community-dwelling older people at increased risk of falling, a 6-month music-based multitask exercise program improved gait under dual-task condition, improved balance, and reduced both the rate of falls and the risk of falling."

And it was probably fun.

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Arch Intern Med 171(6):525-533, 28 March 2011
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Effect of Music-Based Multitask Training on Gait, Balance, and Fall Risk in Elderly People-A Randomized Controlled Trial. Andrea Trombetti, Mélany Hars, François R. Herrmann, Reto W. Kressig, Serge Ferrari, René Rizzoli. Correspondence to Dr. Trombetti: [email protected]

Category: M. Musculoskeletal. Keywords: elderly, gait, balance, fall risk, music, exercise, randomized controlled trial, journal watch.
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