Oral glucose to reduce pain of venipuncture in newborns

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Oral glucose to reduce pain of venipuncture in newborns

The objective of this study by Belgian researchers was to investigate whether of glucose is effective in reducing pain for venipuncture in the newborn. They conducted a double-blind clinical trial of 304 newborns on a maternity and neonatal ward (neonatal medium intensive care unit). During at least 1 month, 2 ml of one of the four selected solutions (10, 20, 30% glucose, and placebo) was administered orally, 2 minutes before the venipuncture was performed. The pain from the skin puncture was scored using a validated pain scale - the Leuven Pain Scale.

They found: "This study showed a significantly lower average pain score in the 30 percent glucose group (3.99) when compared with the placebo group (8.43). The average pain scores in the 20 percent glucose group (5.26) and the 10 percent glucose group (5.92) were also significantly lower than those in the placebo group."

The authors concluded: "Oral administration of 2 mL of 30 percent glucose 2 minutes before the venipuncture provides the most effective pain reduction in newborns."

This is a simple and inexpensive approach to analgesia for such newborn procedures.

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Birth 37(2):98-105, June 2010
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Oral Glucose Solution as Pain Relief in Newborns: Results of a Clinical Trial. Ben Dilen and Monique Elseviers.

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