WONCA Mental Health Consultancies

WONCA is delighted to offer international consultancy services in primary mental health care, through its Working Party on Mental Health.

WONCA works closely with WHO and fully supports the WHO mhGAP programme, and is pleased to tailor consultancy services specifically to support the mhGAP programme.

Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and experience, our primary care experts are available to provide a range of international consultancies. These are designed to enable low-income and middle-income countries to maximise the integration of primary and mental health care within the mhGAP framework.

Our Mental Health consultancies include :

  • Policy: mhGAP planning and implementation: designing programmes to enable health ministries to develop teams and indicators to implement mhGAP at primary care and community levels; development of primary mental health care services; integration of mental health and primary care professionals.
  • Education and training: creation, delivery and evaluation of primary mental health care education and training programmes; focus on how to screen, diagnose and manage common mental health problems in primary care and community settings, adapted to meet the needs of specific national cultural contexts.
  • Research: advice on identification of primary mental health care research priorities and funding opportunities; collaboration on implementation and evaluation of research projects.
Our Mental Health consultants are: (click here for brief bios)

  • Abdullah Al-Khathami, Saudi Arabia
  • Adekunle Joseph Ariba, Nigeria
  • Jill Benson, Australia
  • Christopher Dowrick, UK
  • Sandra Fortes, Brazil
  • Luis Galvez, Spain
  • Jane Gunn, Australia
  • Michael Klinkman, USA
  • Gabrielle Ivbijaro, UK
  • Christos Lionis, Greece
  • Juan Mendive, Spain
  • Donald Nease Jr, USA
  • Henk Parmentier, UK
  • Evelyn van Weel-Baumgarten, The Netherlands

Our related Mental Health publications include

For more information contact:             
Prof Christopher Dowrick  [email protected]
Dr Garth Manning (WONCA CEO)  [email protected]
Our Mental Health consultancies are authorised to use the mhGAP logo and have also been endorsed by the Royal College of General Practitioners.  
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