The name ASPIRE is a mnemonic with the letters representing its foundation: 
International collaboration, 

ASPIRE, Program of YDM was launched to enhance the young family medicine doctors connections with global family medicine community by means of educational workshops, conferences, Research,  thereby increasing involvement in the national and regional organizations, as well as WONCA World which will allow them to make connections with the global community. This will allow young doctors to contribute towards improvement of Primary care in a global setting.  

Convenor / Chair

ASPIRE World Chair

Dr. Uma Senthilkumar 

Uma Senthilkumar MD, specialized in Family Medicine Physician and Integrative Medicine from USA. She grew up in Southern India, where she completed her Medical degree in Siddha Medicine (BSMS from Chennai Government Siddha Medical College in 1999). She received her Master of Science in Neuropharmacology (MSc) from the National University of Galway in Ireland. She pursued to conventional Medical degree and received Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) from St. Matthew’s University, Cayman Islands. She completed Family Medicine residency at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Virginia and Fellowship in Integrative Medicine from University of Arizona.

She has coauthored book chapter, published research journals both in clinical medicine and medical education. She also has presented research papers in both national and international forums. She is an active member of the multiple Family Medicine professional organization including AAFP, ABFM, MAFP and served as North American (Polaris) representative to the global ASPIRE program for Family Medicine Doctors.

As an incoming chair of ASPIRE she is motivated to work with all the regional representatives of YDM/ASPIRE and build a strong platform to enhance the learning opportunities in Family Medicine for medical students and young doctors globally.

Facebook group: Aspire Global Leaders
Twitter hashtag: #aspire2lead

Co-Convenor or other office bearers


ASPIRE Al-Razi (East Mediterranean )Liaison Person: Dr. Marwa Mohasseb (pending new rep) 

ASPIRE AfriWon (Africa) Liaison Person: Dr. Joy Mugambi (pending new rep) 

ASPIRE Polaris (North America) Liaison Person: Dr. Natalia V. Galarza 

ASPIRE Rajakumar (Asia Pacific) Liaison Person: Dr. Wee-Sian Woon 

ASPIRE Spice Route (South Asia) Liaison Person: Dr. Kinley Bhuti 

ASPIRE Vasco da Gama Movement (Europe) Liaison Person: Dr. Maria Joao Nobre 

ASPIRE Waynakay (South America) Liaison Person: Dr. Mario Alejandro Saldaña Salazar

Membership Open?

Vision and Mission



1) ASPIRE leadership program - The goal is to provide leadership training and enhance skills in clinical leadership for the junior WONCA members and beyond. 

2)  To start Physician Wellness Retreats/Programs to address the global phenomenon of physician burnouts, especially among primary care physicians. 

3) To create a white paper along with a proposed action plan to address the work burden issues related to EHR use post-office hours. 

4) To provide various platforms/avenues for global GP/FM doctors to share their expertise in all areas of ASPIRE via regional and global conferences, workshops, or summits.



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