Al Razi movement

Al Razi movement


In late 2013, the WONCA East Mediterranean region (EMR) formed a group specifically for young and future general practiioners/ family physicians in their region. The movement is called Al Razi. It has been officially endorsed by the Wonca EMR council and officially launched at the region after the Wonca EMR executive board meeting Razi was the preeminent pharmacist and physician of his time. Muhammad ibn Zakariyā Rāzī (Arabic: أبو بكر محمد بن يحيى بن زكريا الرازي‎ Abu Bakr Mohammad Bin Yahia Bin Zakaria Al-Razi) (Persian: محمد زکریای رازی‎ Mohammad-e Zakariā-ye Rāzi) was born in 854 in Persia, and died in 925. He was a physician and teacher and is credited with several "firsts", most notably the clinical distinction betweeen smallpox and measles. 

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Convenor / Chair

Marwa Mohasseb (Egypt)
Marwa is a Lecturer of Family Medicine at Menoufia University

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Co-Convenor or other office bearers

Chair :
Marwa Mohasseb

Immediate past chair:

Nagwa Nashat

Skander Essafi

Noor Alnebari

Executive member:
Hamda Khan Saheb

Executive member:
Ahmed Gharib

National liaisons:

Jordan: Anas Almohtaseb

Iraq: Ghaith Sabry

Qatar: Khalid Alkarbi

Lebanon: Reina Alameldine

Morocco: Sarrah Fighou

Palestine: Suha Yacoub

Oman: Yacoub Alsaidi

Kuwait: Noor Alnebari

Egypt: Ahmed Gharib

UAE: Hamda Khan Saheb


Violence SIG: Rim Taleb

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Vision and Mission

Our mission is contributing in the improvement of family medicine specialty in our region by promoting leadership, medical education, training & research


1. Providing a forum, support and information for trainees and new GPs through access to WONC / EMR regional conferences.
2. Establishing a communication network among EMR trainees and new GPs and identifying their concerns, doubts and needs and helping to address them.
3. Establishing a communication network among EMR trainees, new GPs and senior GPs to share experience.
4. Promote research skills.
5. Raising Community awareness of the importance of the family doctor and the role of this displine in the improvement of health care provided to people.
6. Collaborating with national colleges and associations in general practice, and actively participation in the seminars& conferences.

Long term objectives:
Collaboration with international organizations of general practice and the representation of the movement at international meetings.
Promote training in family medicine according to the modern protocols
Explore possibilities of exchanges with other movements




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