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Montegut Scholar (Iraq)

Dr Sanaa Alkaisi was one recipient of a Montegut Scholarship to attend the WONCA world conference in Prague, in June 2013. She is a family doctor from Baghdad, Iraq.

Please introduce yourself to the WONCA readers

My name is Sanaa Alkaisi, I'm Senior Specialist Family Physician working in Iraq. I have MB ChB degree and FIBMS/FM degree (Fellow of Iraqi Board of Medical Specializations /Family medicine).

Now I'm working in Bab-Almuadham training and specialised health care center of family medicine, as a senior specialist family physician and & as a supervisor in the residency training program of the Arab Board of Family Medicine. I'm also a trainer in many national primary health care programs and strategies, with the collaboration of many international health organisations including WHO, UNICEF, USAID, UNFPA, and IMC.

Other things you have done?

I'm a member in the committees of many national working party to perform and improve national Primary health care guidelines and protocols.
I was a manager of continuing professional development(CPD)\ continuing medical education (CME) in Alresafa District of Primary Health Care in Baghdad for four years.

I'm working to improve the concept of Family Medicine and Family Health in Iraq which are still considered as new concepts in in our country this improvement is achieved mainly by training and supervision in the family medicine residency programme and by working as a members in the executive committee of Iraqi Family Physicians Society (IFPS) which is a non governmental organisation acting to improve Family Medicine in Iraq.

Can you inform our readers about your participation in the WONCA Prague conference?

I did participate in the 20th WONCA World conference in Prague after having the great opportunity of my nomination to get the Montegut Scholarship being successful. From attending the conference:

1 - I have now a world-wide network of communication with other family doctors which gives me opportunities to improve my knowledge, attitudes and skills in the field of Family Medicine.
2 - I participated in many workshops and pre conference meetings.
3 - Now l am a direct member (DM) of WONCA.
4 - Now I am a member of the WONCA East Mediterranean region working party on research.
5 - Now I am a member of the WONCA Working party on Women and Family Medicine (WWPWFM) - and in the administrative group .
6 - As a result of my attendance I'm working to improve some national primary care guidelines to agree with the best world guidelines.

Dr Sanaa Alkaisi
Senior Specialist Family Physician, Baghdad, Iraq

If you want to communicate with Sanaa please email: [email protected]