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AL SMADI, Dr Oraib

Jordan: new JSFM president


Dr Oraib Al Smadi is a family medicine consultant with 22 years’ experience in Jordan’s primary health care field especially with the Ministry of Health. As the Director of the Ministry’s medical training center during the years 2002-2005, she led the development and training of the primary health care curriculum. She is an experienced Master Trainer in reproductive health, family planning and family medicine and has vast experience in strategic planning, knowledge management and Primary Health Care accreditation. Dr Al Smadi is a certified Trainer in Training of Trainers (TOT) with extensive experience in the pre-service and in-service training in Family Medicine Residency Programs and Jordan Medical Council.
She is also the secretary for WONCA East Mediterranean region.
She is a member of the Jordan Society of Family Medicine (JSFM). It was established in 1993 and aims at strengthening and updating the field of medicine in Jordan to meet international standards. It also aims at increasing the awareness of its’ members by specialty by providing continuous medical education through workshops, conferences, scientific meetings and partnering with other health care entities in implementing health strategies at short and long term levels in the country. The JSFM has committed to its biannual medical conference - nine conferences have been taken place since 1996, along with many scientific days, since 1994. The society’s president and six board members are elected every two years.

Aims as President of the Jordanian Society

Dr Al Smadi hopes to spread family medicine concepts in Jordan to attract more doctors and work with relevant partners to implement a structure that monitors and ensures provision of adequate resources in the PHC settings. She would also like to increase the acceptance of patients of this specialty and educate patients on our roles and responsibilities within the system. She hopes to work with the government on restructuring the primary health care’s role in the country to increase the emphasis on primary health care in the medical system.

View on family medicine

“Family medicine is unique; I enjoy practicing it and providing the education necessary to every patient to allow a better understanding of their disease and the function of their body. I love working in a friendly, caring and professional environment that promotes communication and to build an open and transparent relationship between myself and the patient."