Featured Doctor

GAUCHAN, Dr Bikash

Nepal : Family doctor

Dr Bikash Gauchan from Nepal, is WONCA’s youngest Life Direct Member to date. He is pictured (left) with Dr Garth Manning, WONCA CEO, in celebration of this achievement.

What work do you do currently?

I currently work as the Chief of a District Level Hospital in very remote part of Nepal. My post is Medical Director and the name of the hospital is Bayalpata Hospital in Achham District, in Far West Nepal.

I completed my medical degree from B P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences [BPKIHS] in March 2009 and began to work as medical officer at BPKIHS. In 2010, I first went to Bayalpata Hospital to work. While working at Bayalpata Hospital, I realized the importance of Family Physicians in delivering quality health care in rural settings and was determined to study Family Medicine. After completing one year of tenure as Medical Director at Bayalpata Hospital, I got a national scholarship to study a doctorate in General Practice and Emergency Medicine at BPKIHS.

In 2014, I rejoined Bayalpata Hospital to provide free primary, obstetric, basic surgical and continuous care to the people from remote regions of Achham and Bajura Districts in Nepal.

Please visit www.possiblehealth.org for more information about Dr Gauchan's and his team's work.

What does your working day involve?

- In Nepal, as with all professionally trained GPs, we understand that you are responsible not only for family medicine as most of us would recognise it, but also for emergency medicine and for providing emergency obstetric and surgical care.

The patient volume of Bayalpata Hospital is 250 - 500 outpatients per day, 20-30 patients in Emergency and 15-25 inpatients.

Besides many other responsibilities as Medical Director, I have to supervise the free health care which includes lab, pharmacy, x-ray, sonography and chronic disease management. I facilitate CME sessions each morning and lead the morning update standing meeting. I perform surgery including caesarian sections, hernia repairs, hydrocele repairs, appendicectomy, emergency hysterectomy, manual vacuum aspiration and also supervise patient care in the Emergency department, as well as for inpatients and outpatients. I am acting as supervisor of various government programs such as HIV/AIDS, TB, leprosy, malnutrition and ‘Integrated Management of Childhood Illness’ programs. I am also involved in writing and editing multiple scientific papers.

What other interesting activities that you have been involved in?

During residency, I was elected as the President of Junior Resident Welfare Society (JRWS), which is non-profit and non-political welfare organization of resident doctors, 241 residents in total. Being president of JRWS, I organised a symposium on “Exploring New Frontiers of Collaboration: Medicine and Humanities” and invited imminent national doctors, philanthropists, leaders and journalists as guest speakers.

What are your interests as a family physician and also outside work?

I want to be involved in WONCA, share my experiences with other family physicians from different countries. I would like to learn from family physicians of different countries how they provide clinical care.
I like playing different games outdoor as well as indoor. I also like social activities, teaching and trekking.