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Family Doctor - Rwanda

Dr Kabera is a family doctor, newly graduated in October 2012, who comes from Rwanda. He works in a rural district hospital, Huye district Kabutare hospital, in the south of Rwanda.
It is a busy area with 19 community health centers supervised, and the hospital has 231 beds and four major departments – surgery, paediatrics, obstetrics/ gynaecology, and medicine.
The weekly workload is composed of: ambulatory medicine in primary care delivered in an outpatient setting; one day per week in surgery with major interventions; obstetrics emergencies; hospital work in rounds for chronic and acute cases in medicine and pediatrics, surgical emergencies and trauma, Thursdays mornings for teachings and clinical presentations and Community Health Centre supervision.
He and his colleagues have been undertaking some research and have submitted their work for publication in a local journal - the most recent one is “The sero-prevalence of HIV infection among pregnant women- Kabutare Hospital”.
As a new doctor, he and his colleagues stand steady trying to demonstrate the qualities of Five Star Doctors to provide our comprehensive, holistic, patient-centered and cost effective health care to our rural and needy population which is not really able to afford the fragmented medical care.

WONCA Editor: What do you do in your free time?

Free time is composed of different activities - swimming, jogging in the mornings, films ,and watch football (local teams or international on TV), and also Church activities.

WONCA Editor: Is there an organization for family medicine in Rwanda?

The Rwanda Family Medicine Association (RFMA) is the organization which is grouping the family medicine community in Rwanda, was founded in 2011 (Facebook and Twitter)

for those who would like to contact Rene email: [email protected]