Featured Doctor

MATHIE, Dr Tony: WONCA Europe President 2010-2013


Dr Tony Mathie from the United Kingdom was the President of Wonca Europe from 2010 to 2013, having taken over from Professor Igor Svab of Slovenia at the World conference, in Cancun, in May 2010. He was previously the Treasurer of Wonca Europe for six years.

Tony was previously the Director of Postgraduate General Practice Education in the North West Region of England based in Liverpool. This was a full time post in which he was the Programme Director for 420 Residents who undertake a three year programme; 18 months in hospital and 18 months in practice. Prior to that he was a GP in a large group practice in Cheshire for over 20 years.Tony was also the Chairman of the United Kingdom Defence Medical Services GP Education Committee and is the civilian responsible for the training standards of GPs in the Army, Navy and Air Force worldwide. He recently visited the Falkland Islands for the first time.

For ten years up until 2003, Tony was the Treasurer of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) and also its workforce lead. He has served on many committees and working parties in the United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS).As a result of his membership of the Wonca Europe Executive and the RCGP’s International Committee, Tony has been fortunate to travel widely and has been a consultant to WHO and UNICEF in Iran and has also worked in China, Pakistan and widely in Europe.

Outside his day job, Tony is the Honorary Colonel of the 208 (Liverpool) Field Hospital (V) and Chairman of Governors of an independent school and a senior Freemason. He is married to Toni who is a senior NHS Manager responsible for a large Cancer Network. He has two children and three grandchildren.