Featured Doctor

REID, Prof Marvin

North America region president

What work do you do now?

I am professor and director of the Tropical Metabolism Research Unit (TMRU) and Associate Lecturer in Department of Community Medicine & Psychiatry at The University of the West Indies, Mona (The UWI). The TMRU, is the oldest (est 1956), dedicated nutrition research unit in the English-speaking Caribbean and is renowned for its research and treatment of severe childhood malnutrition. Prior to this, I led the Sickle Cell Programme in Jamaica for 10 years (2004-2014).

I teach nutrition to a range of health professionals including nurses, undergraduate and postgraduate medical students. I also teach Family Medicine to undergraduate medical students and Family Medicine Residents.

Sitting on the specialty boards for both Nutrition and Family Medicine allows me to be involved in curriculum development.

Other interesting things you have done?

I am involved in a range of clinical and research activities but more recently, I am focused on determining the effectiveness of different interventions, at the individual and community level, to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease. In particular, I was involved in the establishment of screening for stroke, in children living with Sickle Cell disease, in Jamaica. At the community level, I continue to explore ways to improve physical activity levels.

What are your hopes as the new North America region president?

In my role as the leader of the Caribbean College of Family Physicians (CCFP), I have led initiatives to strengthen its administration; to reposition the College as an important stakeholder on discussions on health equity, access, priorities and delivery in the region; as well as, initiatives centred on the professional development of the Family Physician.

In my role as North American region president, I hope to leverage the strength of the member organisations of the North American region to further expand on these initiatives. In addition, I hope to strengthen the organisational structure of the North America region, and to work more closely with WONCA executive to achieve the WONCA mission.

Your interests at work and privately.

Outside of my work and spending time with my family, I am a sports and news junkie. My favourite sports are volleyball, cricket, athletics, soccer and basketball. I also enjoy cooking and computing. I have a very strong value of community and its development which I contribute to through volunteerism with Rotary.