World Family Doctor Day

World Family Doctor Day (WFDD), on 19 May, is a significant occasion to highlight the vital role and contribution of family doctors and primary care teams in healthcare systems worldwide. Since its declaration by WONCA in 2010, WFDD has become an annual celebration that recognizes the central role of Family Doctors in delivering personal, comprehensive, and continuous health care to patients.

This day is an excellent opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the progress made in family medicine and the exceptional contributions of primary care teams globally.

On 19 May 2024, let's honour and appreciate the tireless efforts of family doctors and primary care teams in improving healthcare outcomes and creating healthier communities worldwide.

This year, we celebrate World Family Doctor Day under the theme 'Healthy Planet, Healthy People', highlighting the link between the health of our planet and the health of our patients.

World Family Doctor Day Social Media Toolkit

To enhance the visibility and impact of our campaign on social media platforms, we have developed a comprehensive board of resources. This board includes a variety of tools such as official logos, promotional banners, customized Zoom backgrounds, and Twibbons. These resources are designed to ensure consistency in our campaign's visual representation and to facilitate supporters in promoting our message effectively across different online channels.

IMPORTANT: The logo and graphic resources must be used in accordance with the WONCA Brand Guidelines. Please download and read the full document.

Healthy Planet, Healthy People

This year the focus of our World Family Doctor Day campaign is planetary health. Planetary health studies how changes that humans make to Earth's natural systems affect people's health.

Climate change is a health issue

The intricate connection between the health of our planet and the well-being of its people cannot be overstated. As the Earth faces unprecedented environmental challenges, from climate change to pollution and habitat destruction, the repercussions on human health become increasingly dire. These environmental changes contribute to a rise in communicable and non-communicable diseases, impact mental health, and exacerbate health disparities.

Family Doctors: Champions of Planetary Health

Family doctors witness the health impacts of climate change firsthand, from increased respiratory illnesses due to pollution to the spread of vector-borne diseases with changing climates. Their observations are crucial for understanding and combating the health effects of environmental changes.

Primary care is key

The healthcare sector is a major polluter, accounting for 4.4% of global carbon emission. Primary care is key to cutting healthcare sector's carbon footprint. By focusing on early disease detection and lifestyle changes, it reduces the need for resource intensive medical treatments later. This not only improves health outcomes but also significantly lowers emissions by minimizing energy-intensive procedures.