Payment Methods




By electronic bank transfer directly to WONCA’s account in US Dollars


Please instruct your bank that all bank charges, including overseas charges, will be paid by the sender of the funds otherwise WONCA will not receive the full amount billed.

Account Number: 0-500152-001
Account Name: WONCA International Inc
Bank Name: Citibank, Singapore
Bank Code: 9201
Bank Address: 23 Church Street, #02-01 Capital Square, SINGAPORE 049481

By PayPal credit card transaction in US Dollars

Go to

In case you don’t have PayPal account please “Sign up” to get PayPal account

Choose your “Country” and “Language” then click “Get Started” button on “Personal”
Fill out all your details and click “Agree and Create Account”
Fill your credit card details. Then you will have your account with PayPal

In case you have PayPal account

Click “Personal” then choose “Buy” and “Online payments”
Enter your e-mail address(From) and then To: “[email protected]
Choose your country and then enter the amount of payment in US Dollars
Continue and enter your credit card details and billing address
Confirm payment

Transaction fee for Paypal
Payment Amount Fee  
 1-100 USD   5 USD
 101-200 USD  10 USD
 201-300 USD 15 USD
 301-400 USD 20 USD