2018 Krakow conference speakers

Latest on speakers for WONCA Eruopes coming conference in Krakow. Please note that until 28th of February registration fee is lower.

As time flows by, we are getting closer to 23rd WONCA Europe Conference. The biggest event for Family Doctors in Europe, this year.

Attendance at the conference a great opportunity to meet and discuss most important issues within the family doctors' environment, and to see the everyday problems from perspective of doctors from different countries.

Also, the venue of the conference is not accidental. Krakow is a magical city, where family medicine in Poland was born.

Keynote Speeches

Our WONCA conference is mainly about participants’ contributions - Check your emails to see whether your abstracts were qualified for a session!!

We have seven special keynote speeches (See speakers' bios here):

• Evolving Family Medicine to Meet 21st Century Demands by Dr Mukesh Chawla
• The terrorist threat: a challenge for healthcare systems by Dr Przemysław Guła
• Family Medicine: Quality, Efficiency and Equity – how well are we doing, and what does this have to do with dragons? by Prof Michael Kidd
• Strengthening primary care at EU level by Dr Andrzej Ryś
• The gender role shift, - any implications for family medicine? by Dr Anna Stavdal
• How Cochrane can help to achieve quality, efficiency and equity in family medicine by Dr Sera Tort
• Are we all equal? Social differences in health and health care in Europe by Prof Sara Willems

Featured Doctors

javascript:void(0); WONCA's Featured Doctors have recently included two of the conference organisers. Find out more about them:

Prof Adam Windak
– WONCA Europe Kraków scientific committee chair

Dr Katarzyna Nessler
- WONCA Europe VdGM preconference chair

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