2021 University of Toronto Family Medicine Report

The 2021 University of Toronto Family Medicine Report, launched by the Department of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM), is a celebration of all those working on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic — their stamina, optimism, adaptability and compassion.

The Report is authored by nearly 100 family doctors and health care providers from across Ontario, Canada and beyond. On the theme ‘caring through crisis’, it features personal stories, reflections and anecdotes that represent just a small fraction of the incredible work happening in family medicine and primary care, as well as data from the University of Toronto Practice Based Research Network (UTOPIAN). 

The personal stories in this report illustrate the many challenges and triumphs of family doctors during the ongoing pandemic. While some of these challenges continue, the stories highlight the strength of family medicine and the importance of building a health system with strong foundations in primary care.

But most importantly, the stories reinforce the value of personal connection — between health providers, medical specialities and the communities we serve — as we strive to improve health for all.

The 2021 University of Toronto Family Medicine Report is dedicated to all those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic – those who have lost their lives and the lives of loved ones, the family doctors, primary care providers and all those who have made huge personal sacrifices in the service of others, as well as the families and friends who have made these sacrifices possible.

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