A Call to Honour Salvador Tranche, and a Tribute in Guatemala

With information of  www.semfyc.es

The Iberoamerican Confederation WONCA CIMF, together with María Fernández, vice president of the Iberican Region of CIMF, to pay tribute to Salvador Tranche with a special call on research in Family and Community Medicine. This celebration will take place during the VIII FCM Summit scheduled for November in Guatemala.

María Fernández, acting president of the semFYC after the sudden passing of President Salvador Tranche, highlighted the role that Salvador Tranche played in the WONCA CIMF. “During the pandemic, he was always connected, even late at night, talking with colleagues from Latin America about how to deal with COVID-19 in our region.”

Salvador Tranche shared with family doctors worldwide the evidence and actions taken in Spain during the most challenging moments of the pandemic. In the same way, he highlighted the role of the semFYC battling the invisibility to which Primary Care and Family Medicine is often the victim. The same invisibility that our level of care suffers in the rest of the countries of the Ibero- American region. All this, even though Primary Care professionals and family doctors were essential in managing and preventing the adverse effects of the pandemic.

Jacqueline Ponzo, president of WONCA CIMF, and the rest of the board encouraged all family doctors to apply for this special call made in homage to our president Salvador Tranche. An honour also shared by semFYC.

Jacqueline Ponzo, who presented the Salvador Tranche call during the National Congress in Seville, stated:  "Salvador Tranche was a very dear person. The Spanish Ministry of Health also recognized his role with a special commission in tribute to his career."

The Guatemala Summit will be the first physical reunion of the Ibero-American community of family doctors after the pandemic, making it a long-awaited event. “This congress arises from a need and a request made by Guatemala. This is especially relevant because Guatemala does not yet have the specialty of Family and Community Medicine in place, so holding a WONCA CIMF summit there will undoubtedly be an interesting experience at a political, educational and scientific level.”

Discover all the information on how to apply for the Salvador Tranche call here [+] . (In Spanish)

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