Abstract extensions for Rural and Young Doctor conferences

Abstract submission has been extended for a short time for both the WONCA Rural Health conference coming up in Gramado Brazil in April and also for the Young Doctors' forum coming up in Barcelona in February.
Did you enjoy this year's Prague conference or perhaps you missed it and would like to attend one of next year's WONCA conferences? WONCA has four conferences planned for 2014 and abstract submisison is closing soon for all of them.

Vasco da Gama forum for young doctors in Barcelona, Spain from 7-8 February

Abstract submission extended until 15 December 2013

WONCA Rural health conference in Gramado, Brazil from 2-6 April

Abstract submission extended until 8 December 2013

WONCA Asia Pacific region conference in Kuching, Malaysia from 21-24 May

Abstract submission closes 31 December 2013

WONCA Europe region conference in Lisbon, Portugal from 2-5 July

Abstract submission closes 5 January 2014