A call from family doctors to safeguard health from the climate emergency

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This is a call from Family Doctors to secure a just and equitable transition to sustainable energy and safeguard health from the climate emergency

We the family doctors, doctors and health professionals of the world call on world leaders to take urgent action to safeguard the health of global populations from the climate crisis.

Climate change is already having widespread impacts on human health. As frontline health workers we are increasingly responding to health emergencies triggered by the climate crisis. Yet in the face of increasing harm and suffering, new fossil fuel resources continue to be developed and greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise.

If we are to have any chance of limiting warming to 1.5°C and halting the escalation of the climate health emergency, we must end the proliferation of fossil fuels.

The World Health Organization has called for a Fossil Fuel Non Proliferation Treaty and an end to fossil fuel subsidies. We therefore join these calls, and urge all Governments to adopt the following as urgent health interventions:

• End expansion of any new fossil fuel infrastructure and production.

• Phase out existing production and use of fossil fuels.

• Remove fossil fuel subsidies and invest in renewable energy.

• Fast track a just transition that addresses the needs of individuals, communities and countries to move away from fossil fuel energy systems towards more diverse, resilient and inclusive economies powered by renewable energy.

To endorse the open letter (attached) please contact Dr Catherine Pendrey at [email protected] by the 18 October.

WONCA WP on the Environment.

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