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KEYpoints: Online educational material on non-communicable diseases
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Often the first point-of-contact of patients with noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), family doctors are tasked with implementing optimum management of NCDs, including detecting, screening and treating these diseases.(1)

However, keeping up with the rapid pace of knowledge development in this (and every other) area of medicine is a considerable challenge for many clinicians. Moreover, family doctors face multiple other challenges when managing patients with chronic disease, including miscommunication with specialists; dealing with patients’ beliefs, demands and medication-taking behavior; and providing medication advice, including management of complex drug regimens and side effects. (2)

Developed to address these multiple needs, KEYpoints is an online physician education program aimed at elevating family doctors’ knowledge and skills in managing NCDs, particularly in the areas of cardiovascular risk (including hypertension and diabetes), mental health (including depression and anxiety), chronic pain (including arthritis) and ageing (including erectile dysfunction and lower urinary tract symptoms). Each online module also addresses communication skills for shared decision-making between family doctors, other healthcare professionals and patients. KEYpoints modules are endorsed by WONCA and accredited for CPD points in Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore.

KEYpoints is a collaboration of WONCA and leading healthcare communications company MIMS.

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