Afriwon activities at WONCA Africa Conference

Young Doctors Events by Afriwon at the 8th WONCA Africa Region Conference

Young Doctors Events by Afriwon at the 8th WONCA Africa Region Conference

Dr Mercy N. Wanjala

A Journey Through Compassionate Care: Primary Care Network (PCN) Visit to Makadara in Nairobi County

On the morning of the 4th of June, a team of international delegates embarked on a visit to Makadara, a vibrant health centre offering primary care services to an underserved community in the lower wealth quantiles in Nairobi County. This visit was not just a tour but an immersion into the heart of community health and primary care where dedicated workers and compassionate care intersect to create a robust healthcare system. The primary health care system has been organised into a primary care network with a hub and spoke model connecting level 2 and 3 facilities referred to as spokes to a level 4 facility referred to as a hub.

Makadara Group


Makadara Health Centre: The Hub of Hope

Our first stop was the Makadara Health Centre, the hub - a beacon of hope and wellness for the local community. As we entered the facility, we were greeted by a vibrant mural depicting scenes of health and vitality, a testament to the community's commitment to wellness. We began with a presentation and discussion with the multidisciplinary team, gaining an understanding of the organization functions and activities as well as success stories of the PCN. The bustling corridors echoed with the sounds of healthcare in action—nurses attending to patients, doctors consulting with families, and the hum of medical equipment in the background.

We were introduced to the community health workers (CHWs) - Community Health Assistant and Community Health Promoters stationed at the community desks. Their smiles and warm greetings were the first indication of the incredible work they do. These desks serve as the frontline of health education, providing vital information on disease prevention, maternal and child health, and chronic disease management.

Jericho Health Centre: The Spoke of Support

Our journey continued to the Jericho Health Centre, a spoke in the PCN model where we witnessed the seamless extension of care from the hub. This smaller but equally important facility caters to a wide array of health needs, ensuring that even the most remote community members have access to quality healthcare.Jericho Welcome

A Home Visit: Compassion in Action

The home visit was a humbling experience. We saw firsthand the challenges faced by the client and her family. The CHW not only provided a key connection to medical care but also emotional support, answering questions and offering reassurance. This visit underscored the holistic approach of the PCN model, where care extends beyond physical health to encompass emotional and psychological well-being. We are grateful to the Makadara PCN multidisciplinary team and the Nairobi County leadership for hosting this learning exchange.

Jericho Health Centre

Successful Second International AfriWon Preconference/2nd International WONCA Emergency Medicine SIG Workshop: A Milestone in Emergency Medicine Training for Young Family Doctors

Preconference Group

The 2nd International AfriWon Preconference/2nd International WONCA Emergency Medicine SIG Workshop, held on June 5th, 2024, at the Aga Khan University in Nairobi, was a resounding success, drawing 46 enthusiastic participants from across the region. This preconference themed "Rapid Response: Empowering Young Doctors for Emergency Excellence" aimed to enhance the emergency medical skills of young family doctors, preparing them to manage urgent care situations effectively.

About AfriWon Renaissance

AfriWon Renaissance is the African wing of the WONCA Young Doctors' Movement, dedicated to supporting young and future general practitioners and family physicians in Africa. The movement focuses on fostering development in family medicine and primary healthcare through service, training, and research. It also aims to establish a communication network among African trainees and young GPs, addressing their concerns and promoting leadership development.

Preconference Highlights

The preconference featured three intensive workshops, each meticulously designed to equip participants with critical emergency medical skills:

Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) ECHO Modules:


This workshop provided hands-on training in point-of-care ultrasound, focusing on echocardiography modules. Participants learned to rapidly assess and diagnose patients using POCUS, an invaluable skill in emergency settings. This session, led by Dr. Nisanth Menon and Dr. Roshan Mathew, included practical applications of echocardiography in emergency scenarios using live patient actors simulating different scenarios.

ECG: Most Threatening Rhythms for the Family Doctor:

Facilitators led by Dr. Elena Klusova and Dr. Miriam Rey guided participants through identifying and managing life-threatening cardiac rhythms using dynamic styles such as improv, videos, and dancing, among others. Participants were trained to identify and manage life-threatening cardiac rhythms through a live, practical, timed session. The workshop empowered family doctors to act swiftly and accurately in critical situations.

Mass Casualty Incident Management:

This session, led by Dr. Miriam Rey and Dr. Rabee Kazan, prepared doctors for mass casualty incidents, focusing on triage, emergency response coordination, and effective management strategies. Through fun-filled tabletop simulations, participants practiced handling various disaster scenarios, enhancing their readiness for real-life emergencies.

Impact and Future Directions

The preconference successfully provided a dynamic and informative session, offering young doctors the opportunity to enhance their skills in emergency medicine, network with peers, and learn from experts. The event underscored the commitment of AfriWon Renaissance to improve urgent care delivery and patient outcomes in primary care across Africa. The feedback from participants highlighted the practical value of the workshops and the immediate applicability of the skills learned, with discussions on collaboration for ongoing trainings of this nature.

As AfriWon Renaissance continues to grow, future events will build on this foundation, expanding the scope and reach of training programs to further empower young doctors across the continent.


The success of this preconference would not have been possible without the dedicated efforts of several key contributors. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the WONCA Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group (SIG) for their invaluable support and expertise. Special thanks to the planning team members:

  • Dr. Nisanth Menon
  • Dr. Elena Klusova
  • Dr. Miriam Rey Seoane
  • Dr. Rabee Kazan
  • Dr. Raisa Alvarez Paniagua
  • Dr. Roshan Mathew

We also acknowledge the contributions of the facilitators from the Aga Khan University Family Medicine and Aga Khan Hospital Emergency Department:

  • Dr. Cynthia Mureithi
  • Dr. Norah Obungu
  • Dr. Nimai Kharva
  • Dr. Grace Muthoni
  • Dr. Sokhi Daljiv
  • Dr. Emma Khabure
  • Dr. Edward Maina
  • Dr. Sheila Ayesa
  • Dr. Ebrahim Abdiwahid

We also acknowledge the Kenya Association of Family Physicians for sponsoring faculty and young doctors to attend the 8th WONCA Africa region conference. Finally, we express our deep appreciation to Aga Khan University for hosting the event and providing an excellent venue that facilitated effective learning and networking.

By Dr. Mercy N. Wanjala
Afriwon Chair (2023-2025)